Solo Around the World Attempt

Last year I had the honour to meet local sailor Alex Alley He was moored outside the Green Lightship, Haslar Marina, waiting for the right conditions to start his non-stop, solo, round the world challenge in his class 40 yacht. He left on Christmas eve 2018 and within a day and a half, had to divert into Brest Marina because of technical issues. My wife and I happened to be an hour away in Locarn, Brittany and so popped down to see if we could help with anything, having a few ‘boaty’ contacts down in the area. Alex’s wife, Paula Reid (also an adventurer), managed to get some parts, very quickly, with the help of associates on the marina here and he got away and started his challenge on New Years eve. I have become a ‘dot follower’ as Alex calls us and follow his progress around the World. He is now in the Southern Ocean and doing well. I am writing this because his latest post, is all about his passion and drive to do things, without having a massive bank balance or sponsor. He talks about achieving dreams and attitude, and that the only person stopping you achieving your goals is yourself! He ends “The question you need to ask yourself is HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT IT?” Makes you think. Become a ‘Dot watcher’

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